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There are many types of families. The family is the one
that understands and builds from love.
Our family make it up Laia, Lara, Lia Maria, Alex, Jan,
little Marcos, and Pipe our funny pet.
But not only them, you are many more.
Love and respect are constituted in each of our clothes.
This collection is for you, our Tocoto Vintage Family.

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This is the perfect time for a reunin so we can show you the new collection
FW 20-21 Tocoto Vintage & the Family.

Yes, because Family is growing. This is you to us, a big family.
In this collection, we have gone for earth color, mustard touches and a very romantic floral print; some strokes of shine and lurex, to give brightness to the classic powder colours of Tocoto Vintage.

Our new collection of tricot, so carefully made, with two special colours full of light and strength: a peachy pink and a pool blue, which will go great with the range of earth colours.

Warm clothes with lots of spirit and great quaility, to make winter days comfy and cosy.

Tocoto love vintage, Tocoto love our vintage family.

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