Campaign SS'21 1
Campaign SS'21 2

We continue going for organic fabrics and local and sustainable productions that make this collection that we have loved throughout the process even more special.

Our new spring-summer 2021 collection is full of light with vibrant colours that make us burst with happiness and live an endless summer.

Campaign SS'21 3

Soft fabrics like a lovely salmon vichy print,
amazing colors for a stripped organic fabric
or our denim tencel perfect for the summer days,
fresh and lighter.

Campaign SS'21 4

The swimsuit collection is simply fantastic, colorful perfect for beach days, composed of small dot prints, watercolor flower print and Swiss embroidery for girls and for the boys swimsuits very surfer style and comfortable.

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Campaign SS'21 6

We are a great family, a great community that has proven itself in these times.

Let’s celebrate a Bloom Party!
Let’s live a Bloom Party!
With love… Tocoto Vintage